Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Breakfast

"Put the bunny down"

This morning started at 6.30am. I thought it was very foggy outside until I checked the clock, no, just an ungodly hour. Both boys and I wrapped up warm, put the heating on, and came downstairs where the tv was immediately put on. I am not entertaining children before 10am.

Breakfast at the ungodly hour of 7am (on a Sunday, guys, before you all start telling me this is normal in your house) was tea for me, boobs for the boys, and white toast with butter and raspberry jam.
At 9am I remembered we made icepops last night, this is very exciting, they're the first real ones we've ever made. Last year I flirted with pear puree frozen in plastic cups with spoons, but they were really boring. These are little rabbit-shaped holders where the ears become the handle, and the head catches the drips. Really exciting at 9am on a Sunday.

Last night I mixed alternate blobs of natural Greek yoghurt with mango puree (tinned from Asian supermarked, seriously need this in your life - lassis, desserts, I'd eat it straight) and raspberry syrup (Polish supermarket - goes with vodka / ice-cream / pancakes / dilute to drink with water etc - like how the alcohol option came first?), put the rabbit heads on, and we were away on a hack.

Round three of breakfast is leftover shortbread biscuits from last night's 9pm baking session. You know the one where you've had a couple of glasses of wine and you decide you really need freshly baked biscuits RIGHT NOW. No? Well it's my new obsession, and I'm glad to say I now know how to bake biscuits. I can do cupcakes in my sleep, but biscuits are a new foray, and a tasty one. They're also a bit healthier, as the kids don't know they can be iced. Yet.

Dada got pancakes (yesterday's leftovers microwaved) and jam in bed, but he's up now so I'm going to go and wash. Yay. Because I'm itchy...

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