Saturday, 9 March 2013

Tattoo Obsession continues

I'm 90% sure I'm getting it on my calf, not thigh, but I just love this image.

Yes, it's the tattoo again, apologies if you've had an overload this week, but it's on my mind, and it's a big deal for me, so I'm gonna document it!
Last week I dreamt I was being tattooed by a female artist, which struck me as a little strange, as I'd only come across male ones in my online research.

I love the imagery and the colours in this.
Then, imagine my surprise when I discovered a female tattoo artist in Dublin Ink! I instantly fell in love with her stuff, and today went in with my ideas and paid the deposit. I decided to leave the basic roses tattoo and go for my dream piece - an Alice in Wonderland theme.
I'm "getting inked" next week, just in time for my birthday. It'll be done in one 4 hour session, and is twice my original budget, but this is a piece of custom art just for me, forever. I think it's worth it.
I'm a sucker for Disney films, and the stained glass effect will definitely appear in my tattoo
Tim Shumate's images are perfect as tattoo inspiration, kickass females
I gave her all these images, and am trusting her to come up with the final image. This area of fantasy art is right up her street. She will make the image on Photoshop, and I can of course rearrange any of the elements before it gets immortalised under my skin. Wow, that sounds pretty heavy! The guy on the desk said people are usually blown away by her images, and don't change anything. I like the sound of that.
I love the "Drink me" and "Eat me" part of the story
I'm such a control freak in other areas, this is a really weird thing for me, and I don't quite understand it.  I'd have thought I'd sketch out the image I want, and get the artist to refine it. But here I am giving her the ingredients, but she's measuring them out and baking the cake for me. I'm really surprised at myself the way it's going, and I like it. I'm deferring to her talent and artistic nature, as I'm not an artist myself and lack imagination in that area. So this is a big lesson in trust, I'm not over-thinking it, I'm just surrendering to the experience, and I love the feeling that brings. I'm not going to worry is she going to do a good job. I'm not going to fret over the possibilities, I'm going to roll with it and celebrate my 35th year in quite a rock'n'roll way for a mama of 2.

I also got nervous at the sight of the tattooing in practise. Yes, I gave birth twice, but this is a different kind of physical sensation, and I was SO uncomfortable getting my back piece done, it's freaking me out a bit. I've decided to take a painkiller (or 2) beforehand, as the thought of a 4 hour session is a bit nerve-wracking.

On another note, today I left rock-mama behind and entered rockabilly mama phase. I go in and out of these phases, one into another, every few months. I wore red lipstick into town with quite a retro outfit. I loved how it looked in the safety of my house, but to be honest I felt quite uncomfortable walking through town. Red lipstick I've decided is akin to wearing a mini skirt with bare legs. You feel like you've nowhere to hide. I wasn't feeling "out there" yet my outfit said "look at me", so people did. I suppose that's character-building, though, right?

Have you any tattoos? Do you still love them?
Nee x

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