Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tattoo update: Roses

Hi everyone! (Tattoos aren't everyone's cup of tea I know, so ignore this post if you're not into them.)
I'm just posting some pictures of my new tattoo ideas, and this time I'm going with flowers! I think I have to save and just get all the tattoos I want (rather than dreaming about them!), but this is definitely one I want first! I love the colours of the roses above ^

I like the placement of the two roses above here ^, side my side with some leaves (duuh, you can see that!)

I like the colours of these pink ones, I think I'll get a pink and a red. 

And I'd like them on my calf. I want to show this tattoo off this summer, before my knees get too saggy to wear shorts and skirts without tights! I'll be 35 next week, so time is running out for bare-legged adventures! 

Have any of you got a tattoo in a prominent place like this? Any hints / tips?
Nee x


  1. I have one on the top of my back, a kind of sun swirl, it's been there about 13 years now. I'm glad I got it somewhere where I could hide it because sometimes I don't want to reveal that part of me.
    Most people are surprised now when they see a 40 year old mum of 3 with a tat, but I'm glad I have it. Even if only myself (and maybe hubby sees it) during winter.

  2. Sounds lovely Amy, a sun swirl won't date, unlike dolphins/butterflies etc. I think a mom of 3 would kick ass with a tat, and I'll love challenging people's attitudes with mine! (and on the days I don't feel like it I'll just wear jeans!) Thanks for your comment, and for reading the blog! x


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