Monday, 22 April 2013

Homemade ketchup

The other day we had run out of ketchup - shock! Horror! The hora! (?)
Good mama was making bean burgers, well, cooking up ones I'd previously made and frozen. We also had no burger buns, and gobble guts were not going to wait for yeast buns to rise...
So I had to salvage some semblance of a "fun" lunch, as my suggestion of "burgers?" had been met with such enthusiasm.
Short story short I blitzed two tomatoes with some tomato paste, malt vinegar, sugar and salt. I've read enough labels to know what's in ketchup, and the resultant puree was quite passable. It would have benefitted from slow cooking but we were ravenous.
The "patties" - so-called from a certain sea-dwelling sponge are known as "baddies" by my youngest, which gets a bit confusing. They are just black beans pureed with egg, herbs and spices, onion and garlic, with enough gram flour to bind. I think there was left over mashed potato too, and maybe sweet chilli sauce.... you get the drift.
That lunch also included fried zucchini slices, kids didn't fall for my floppy "chips", and wholewheat pasta tossed in butter and parmesan. Thanks Nigella for that shortcut! On my good days I'm ace mama, cooking up a storm. On my bad (lazy/tired/head wrecked) it's toast/cereal and takeaway. I rationalise it that they're both still breastfeeding regularly so food is secondary to that. Working so far!
You all well?
What are you eating these days? X

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  1. That looks tasty! Like you, I try to cook healthy meals as often as possible. Lately though, my eldest (5) has started refusing to eat most of the healthy things I make. She'd eat biscuits until the cows came home but suddenly hardly any vegetables or salad . I don't make a fuss about it but it is worrying me!


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