Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Keepin' it real

Ah go on, just another one...

You can be damn sure that when my blogging slows down my real-life activities have sped up. Oh yeah. Mama has a life. Woo hoo!
Since Friday I've had:

  • 3 trips to the zoo - one alone with the kids, one with my husband and kids, one with a friend and her kid.
  • One heavy drinking session that left me hungover for a day and a half. Way too old for that now I realise.
  • One soppy movie night where I finally watched the end of The Notebook, simultaneously rolling eyes at the Hollywood schmaltz but crying, and similar reaction to The Devil Wears Prada (4th viewing)
  • A great morning in the sun, Charlie trampolining himself to a headache, Noah working up a static electricity storm on the plastic slide.
  • Lots of laundry getting done and hung outdoors
  • One evening with girlfriends, such home-based fun has not been had since my teens.

Quote of the day:
Me: I love the brighter evenings - is it brighter in the mornings now too?
Barry: Compared to what?!
(Good point - I never get up before 9.30am so have nothing to compare it with)

Here are some points from a Keepin' it real I wrote last week, Thursday if I remember correctly.

  • I've had a beer and I'm now onto a hot port
  • Baby is in 3 costumes, one on top of the other: Spiderman (which he slept in), Batman, and Woody
  • Kids watched half of Muppets take Manhattan, now onto Horrid Henry
  • Kids ignored my homemade bread rolls and soup in favour of Mini Eggs and Tayto
  • Haven't left the house all day
  • Loving this playdate after a few days of burn-out
  • Listened to Des O'Connor and Barbra Streisand on the record player
  • I need to get out and stretch my legs
  • Baby's pushing on through without naps these days, he's cranky and clingy
  • Springs in sofa are all but gone since the Power Rangers games started
Forget the perfect Yummy Mummy blogs, with their sparkling kitchen counters and tv-ignorant children, it's real and it's sticky and it's lying on crumbs here at The Mama's Hip!

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  1. Heck yes. Normal & real parenting gets a big thumbs up from me. As I type the boys are playing on a console & watching a movie respectively & the little man has already eaten 2 biccies but had about 6 boobfeeds since we woke. Reality is where it's at. :-)


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