Thursday, 18 April 2013

Social Media baby!

Ok, I'm about 3 years too late, but I'm only just jumping on the Instagram bandwagon, and beginning to Tweet regularly too. I got a smart phone (smartphone?) last week and am slowly falling for the insidious "world at my fingertips" thing that everyone has had for the last few years. Woah, seriously addictive.

So I don't fall into the phone-absorbed-mom abyss my rules are that:

  • I will turn my head the second time my kid calls me (joke! I'll make them call me 3 times and turn my chin with their hand)
  • I will only use my phone in bed until the battery runs out for the first week, after that it's books post-11pm
  • I will only use tinternet when out and about in an emergency so I'm not going over my monthly limit
  • I will post an OOTD (outfit of the day) on Instagram daily, to make me put a bit more thought into my outfits. I've so many unworn items in my wardrobe, recording my outfits might make me dig a bit deeper and wear some old faithfuls, rather than assume I've "nothing to wear" and feel like I need to go shopping. I promise to keep it real, and the ganky snot-covered clothes will still be recorded even if I'm not leaving the house. 

Just to counteract these seemingly narcissistic and vain "improvements" I feel the need to disclose that today was the first time I'd showered since Monday morning, and I shaved my legs for the first time in a month. Needed two goings-over to get them all smooth, and I'd taken to wearing socks under my leggings to hide the hairy ankles. Now we're all square.

I'll have a give-away in a short while, my first one ever, and I'm excited. So make sure you're following me on Twitter and Instagram: TheMamasHipBlog, you don't wanna miss the drama of my everyday life!

Nee x

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  1. Wow! Beautiful photos! You look like a model.


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