Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Video: Unschooling books pre-school

Watch "Unschooling books pre-school" on YouTube
Our favourite books at the moment x


  1. I love your blog! Your honesty is so refreshing, it's clear that you are being true to yourself. You just seem really nice! Ange x

  2. Hi Niamh, I love to hear suggestions of books to read children. My two daughters are four and a half and 20 months and both love books especially the four year old. The younger one doesn't really enjoy the same books as the older one. However we got Henry Hugglewug by Niamh Sharkey recently and they both love it. Good idea about the charity shops. I use the library a lot. It would be my number one tip for SAHMs as it is an enjoyable (yet free) afternoon out.


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