Friday, 3 May 2013


This electronic kit cost me 2e in a Christmas fair. We kept in the attic until yesterday. It's proving very popular with Charlie and his friends. You build circuits and add switches,  lights, a radio, sound effects etc. It's a great introduction to electronics and the whole world of science.
The chemistry set Santa gifted him remains unused, I think it's a couple of years beyond him yet- he wants baking soda and vinegar fizzes and very disinterestly grew crystals.
It's been a busy week here- hence the sporadic posts. I've had two wonderful evenings out with friends and the local kids have taken to congregating in our house, playing cops and robbers. The game seems unchanged since my childhood except the cops now wear earphones around their necks.
Go on, now, and don't have me stopping you again, ok? (Said like an officer of the law)
Nee x

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