Friday, 17 May 2013

This boy knows

This boy knows what's best.
He knows what he needs
Teaching me wordlessly
With his patient suckling.
Forget my self-imposed schedule
He needs mamas milk
And nothing else right now.
No bribes, no treats will coax him
From where he needs to be.
I'm antsy, frustrated -
Then I feel his hot little hands and feet
And it all makes sense.
Though he ran laughing a little while ago,
His tiny body is still working out the virus
And for now I have to go at his rhythm.
He leads, I follow
He needs, I comply.
Because he knows what he needs.

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  1. Hi Niamh, I'm breastfeeding my ten month old daughter and desperate to conceive the next one but until I do am wondering about drinking! Like I don't want to go mad but does long term breastfeeding just mean going on the dry?! What do you do..a bit nosey I know but all my friends do formula so kind of alone in this problem! Love your blog xx Valerie in Waterford, Ireland. xx


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