Thursday, 27 June 2013

Coral lipstick

A fellow blogger ( has similar colouring to me and asked me to research some coral lipsticks for we fair maidens. Well, I jumped at the chance! If you're looking for a brilliant summer colour you can't go wrong with coral - for lips, nails, blush or clothes. I'm drawn to corals every summer, find they compliment my freckles, and jazz up a neutral outfit no end. Now I come to think of it though, I could do with a coral bag...

So I hit my stash in the name of research and came up with three faithfuls that look good and serve many purposes. I am all about making your products work hard for you, saving you time and money,  and a coral lippy will double as a blush, dotted onto the cheekbones and blended with a fingertip.

The first is by one of my go-to budget brands - Catrice
Available in some chemists,  most of their lip products are under 5e so perfect for budget-watchers and unsure-lipstick-wearers alike. I find they do the job perfectly. A lipstick on a mama will go on and come off throughout the day, as she primps in a mirror here, kisses a boy there, reapplies here, eats there, etc so cheap and cheerful is the way to go. (Until some fancy make-up brand sponsors me and then I'll be all "Oh, I wear nothing but Chanel!" Joke. Kinda.)

I love the packaging, a reassuring "click" as you close it. I could do that for hours... sad.

Enter Catrice's Shy Flamingo. A creamy formulation with tiny silver sparkles, almost salmon-y pink, though it has an orange base. The shimmer picks up the light and gives the illusion of plumper, more youthful lips. Always a good thing for we thirty-somethings!

But does it pass the teeth test?  Does it make my teeth look whiter? No. They look yellowish as usual. Bummer. It might be caused by the orange undertones in the lipstick, or all the coffee I'm drinking, but I still wear this as I love the feel of it, really moisturising and easy to apply.

The next out of the drawer was an Essence gloss, bought two summers ago and still going strong,  despite having been driven over.  Yes. Driven over. Check out the dented lid.

Excuse the chipped nail varnish, check out that dented lid instead. Thankfully it's metal, so didn't break when the CAR drove over it. IN MY FAVOURITE BAG!!!

This is a more flattering tone for my teeth. It's a sticky gloopy formulation which wears off nicely leaving a little colour, feels slightly moisturising and smells of strawberry Skittles. One coat gives a sheer glow, pile it on for a more intense effect.

Number 3:

This above lipstick is an old Body Shop one I was kindly given by a friend. It is a matte hard lipstick. Hard as in you have to work it on to your lips. It feels dry and not at all moisturising but despite all that I adore the colour. It's the perfect coral. Its a number 37, from the Colourings range. I'll wear it with lip balm on top I think, to make it more comfortable. 

Ye olde Colourings packaging above. How old is this? Do lipsticks go off?

I have a lovely pale coral Essence lipstick too, it's almost a peach colour with a little shimmer, but in typical fashion I can't find it for this post. It's the most wearable as it's paler than all the above. 
I think there should be a coral to suit all skin tones, so get out there and have fun finding it! 

What's on your lips this summer?
Nee x

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