Friday, 21 June 2013

DIY: retro wallpaper

We have a small toilet downstairs, which goes through phases of being used as a store-room, and being used as a toilet. In winter you freeze your ass off here, so it's usually summer when I clear it out and we use it for it's intended function. It's really handy with kids to have a downstairs toilet, and means the upstairs mess can remain out of sight of visitors too.
For years we talked about papering this little loo, with 70s floral wallpaper found in a charity shop, with  retro brown graphic wallpaper bought in Habitat 8 years ago, with old sheet music collected in a car boot sale years ago.
Yesterday I finally bit the bullet, and actually completed the project, in less than an hour. I used a vintage (1984!) superhero annual I picked up in a charity shop ages ago for about a Euro.
PVA glue and a little water is all I used to stick up the pages, brushing the backs of them and applying to the wall. I smoothed out the air bubbles as best as I could, let it dry. Then finished with 2 coats of the PVA mix (3 parts PVA: 1 part water) to seal it in. The kids both wanted a go of painting the PVA, so it got a bit messy and tantrum-y, but it's done now and we're all delighted with the results. The boys will have something fun to look at as they pee, I have yet to paint the back of the door for an interesting visual for myself.

I've recently gotten into scent diffusers, picked this orange oil one up in a Euro shop, and couldn't resist decorating it too!
The raw materials!
Have you gotten stuck into any household projects recently? Tell us all!
Nee x

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