Saturday, 8 June 2013


Last night I co-slept as always with my two babies- aged 5 and almost 2. Both had fevers, both breastfeeding. So my efforts don't go unnoticed I thought I'd make a list of the things that helped us get through the night, for anyone in a similar situation,  or forgetful me in the future.

  • Naked boobs- this is not the time to be fiddling with clothes, you want maximum skin to skin
  • Naked mommy preferably. My legs got lots of hot kid legs thrown over them. Plus it makes cleaning up after vomit sessions way easier if you're naked.
  • No nappy on a baby. You want maximum air circulation around a hot baby, a plastic bag around his ass is gonna trap heat. Risk the chance of a wet bed, chances are wees are few and far between for a feverish baba.
  • Watch the baby not the thermometer. This is a good one for me. I'd say my baby's temp has been hitting 40 but he's still chatting and feeding as normal,  so I didn't force the meds.
  • Meds- this virus (slapped cheek I presume) has thrown me over the brink so I'm ok with giving a spoon of Calpol / Paralink suppository to a Consenting child. If they say no they don't get it.
  • Forget a bath. In the middle of the night the last place I want to be is out of bed, when there's a second child needing me in bed. A good alternative is wet socks with dry socks over them. Helps a little and the kid can sleep through it.
  • Resist the urge to check the temperature more than once every half hour, and respect the child who doesn't want their ear poked with a beepy thing.
  • Drink water and eat whenever you can. Tandem feeding sick kids is hard work.
  • Dress the kids in a light short-sleeved shirt so they won't get too cold. I put the light duvet on and off them through the night as needed. 
  • Cold sweats and shivering need a tight snuggle as they feed. Sandwich their feet between your thighs as they feed to warm them up quickly.
  • Bring the awake baby to the toilet when you go . If you haven't yet mastered the art of breastfeeding on the toilet now's a good time. 
  • Agree that they're chilly when their fever's at a peak. Cover them lightly, hold them close to "warm them up" and feed them to sleep.  Uncover them once asleep.  Don't argue with a sick child.
  • If they seem ok resume gentle activities by day- cartoons, sedentary activities to preserve energy yet keep them from being bored.
  • Call the doctor if you need to - obviously. 
  • Don't worry about the mess. You can wash off the wee / vomit once your kids are a bit better. Throw a towel on the wet sheet and get your sleep. You will wake if your kids need you. I'm normally a heavy sleeper but when my kids are sick I wake with the slightest sound. 
  • For God's sake learn to breastfeed both kids lying down! We wouldn't be still breastfeeding if I hadn't got the hang of it early on, with lots of help from my midwife. It's the only way I get my sleep. 
Ride through it. Tomorrow will come, the sun will rise and everything will seem easier. 
Nee x
Special thanks to the great ladies of th EBI Facebook group plus my friends for the phone support. Having sick kids is stressful but having help and support is invaluable. You ladies are getting me through it xx

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