Saturday, 22 June 2013

Flavoured syrups

(l) Vanilla, (r) Caramel. Yum.

After a couple of months drinking herbal teas I'm back in the grips of a caffeine addiction, and loving every minute of it!
I made these two syrups to go in my coffee, and enjoy choosing which one I'm in the mood for every day. They are caramel - my ultimate favourite, I'd live on this alone -  and vanilla, lovely and aromatic.
They are easy-peasy to make, and keep for ages, though I just make a small batch every couple of days, as I don't trust myself to have them in the fridge for too long, I'd pour them on everything!
So to make them you need: Sugar and water. Some vanilla for the vanilla one. That's it!

To make caramel syrup:
Heat the sugar in a small saucepan with a little water on a high heat until the sugar browns to a nice caramel colour. Beware, it burns easily, so take it off the heat a little before you think it's ready, and swirl in the pan to spread the colour evenly. You'll have a thick, clear caramel syrup. Add water to dilute and heat again to melt the syrup into the water. Beware, the cold water spits like bejaysus, so don't do this with a child in a sling! That's it. The quantities I have to leave up to you, because I don't have a clue.

To make vanilla syrup:
As above, but use vanilla sugar that you have in the cupboard. Don't have vanilla sugar? Add vanilla extract/essence with the water. I love this instead of honey to sweeten chai tea. It would also be gorgeous in hot milk, if you are partial to a pre-bedtime drink of the non-alcoholic kind.

So easy, so impressive, make batches for your friends for gifts and you'll be beloved forever more!
How else would you use your syrups? Have you any other flavours to recommend?
Nee x

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