Friday, 14 June 2013

Keepin' it real!

My kids are asleep, my husband is out, I'm trying on outfits for a night out tomorrow. I've decided on this dress and shoes, with small clutch bag. I'm waiting for my nails to dry before I put on the topcoat. Then I'm gonna make a cup of tea, remove the Cruella make-up and moisturise my face, and carry on reading Zadie Smith's "On Beauty" - I'm really loving fiction at the moment. I paid off my stonking debt with the local library (17e - eek!) and have resolved to borrow rather than buy books, and return them on time. I skipped dinner this evening, had a bowl of popcorn instead, so will probably make a toasted bagel in a while. I'm jealously looking out every window of my house at the neighbours all socialising, and am dying for some adult company after a whole day alone with the babas.
What are you up to?!

Nee x

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