Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lush Lip stuff | Youtube

I'm on a roll this week, second post of the day, eh?!
I wanted to share with you my first impressions / review of the Lush goodie bag we received last week at their Cruelty Free Kisses blogger evening. My Instagram followers will have had a sneak peek already! It's a great campaign - fighting animal testing, and along with their in-store marriage equality petition I think Lush are leading the way for ethical retailing.
Anyway, this is not a sponsored post (where I get paid for my opinion), it is an honest review of the products, which were given for free.
I'm new to Lush but I'm already impressed reading the ingredients of each product. I'm reviewing some more of their products at the mo, which I'll write about soon.
If you haven't already discovered the Youtube beauty community, you must! Absolutely every product has been reviewed on it, it's my first port of call before I part with my hard-earned money. From nails, to hair, skincare, cosmetics, handbags etc, it's all there, and some normal Jane Soap will tell you what she thinks of it. I find it really reliable.
I've a channel called The Mama's Hip, where I'm going to be doing a bit of obsessing over beauty and fashion, so check me out, and if you want to see who to start following leave a comment below and I'll do a separate post on my favourites. You can just search something like "Lush lip scrub review" and you'll get loads of results, go with whoever takes your fancy!
So here's my video, hope you enjoy!

Nee x


  1. Blimey! I'm right there with you on 20 quid for a lipstick! They do look beautiful though. I might wear a full face of slap and take a trip to my nearest Lush store just to try them on in the store. No way would I fork out 20 quid for something that may not suit. Looked lovely on you though.

    1. Thanks Gwendy! I know I could get a full make-up kit for 20e in a supermarket! But I'm heading into a "quality not quantity" phase and I think if I know something's gonna work for me, I'm going to get such a buzz when I use a more "high-end" product. So I'm thinking of investing in a few staples that will do me for years. Cost per wear etc. Still love my Essence though!


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