Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Outfit of the week

 Just hangin' around doors, as you do. Batwing-stylee. Black batwing top New Look (last year).

These must be 8 years old, faded and scuffed, but the most comfortable Converse ever. They come out every summer.

Bubblegum pink may not be the most flattering colour on my lower half, but it sure as hell makes me happy! Pink skinny jeggings (elasticated waist= comfort!) 8.50e in Vila sale the other day. Lots of other colours in stock - blues/wine/green...

I'm very late to the MAC party, but picked up a couple of paint pots the other day, the sheer luxury of the whole experience still has me on a high. Miles away from throwing a lip liner in with the weekly shop.
I'm on a huge beauty buzz these days, as you can see from my increased Youtubing. If you've any ideas for a video/beauty post please let me know, or else I'll keep on doing whatever springs to mind!
Hope you're enjoying the sun!
Nee x

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