Thursday, 27 June 2013

Skincare routine

As you all know I'm 35 and getting wrinkly fast. In this video I share my opinions on the beauty industry with their "quick fixes" and "miracle" ageing cures, show my current evening skincare routine and expound about the wonders of my homemade body butter.
Yes, the white mark on the side of my head is dry shampoo, I was in a rush, ok?!
Yes, the camera-work is shaky and crap, so please overlook all that and watch the video!
Nee x


  1. Great tips. Will be trying the oil cleanser! Try MooGoo rosehip oil v light! Also, no SPF not always so bad I think as it can stop you getting vitamin b which is important for bone health etc!

    1. Hi Niamh,
      do try the oil cleanser, you'll be hooked! I'm on a search for cheap rosehip oil, the only stuff I see on the shelves is Trilogy, and that's about 30e! Where do you get MooGoo?
      I know about the Vit D thing, I think you mean, I push up my sleeves, and expose my chest/feet in flipflops sometimes to ensure I get the sun's rays when wearing SPF on my face!


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