Tuesday, 9 July 2013

25 random facts about me!

Bonus fact: I love to bake... and eat everything myself after
I love watching these tags on Youtube videos, and one of my favourite beauty bloggers Laura (www.buynowbloglater.com) recently posted this on her blog, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon!
  • I am a sucker for coffee, it works on me like I presume heroin does on others. Addictive. My Starbucks order is a caramel latte/frappucino in hot weather. I don't have an off switch, once I start, I'd drink 3 in a row if I let myself. I've recently started brewing my own coffee at home and making my own caramel syrup. Dangerous.  
  • I will paint my fingernails almost any colour, but my toes can only be coral / nude / red / pink. I think my toes look really weird in any cooler shades (blues/greens/purples etc)
  • My signature scent is Be Delicious (DKNY) since I fell in love with it on my honeymoon.
  • But I don't like aftershave on a man
  • I love sour sweets
  • I hate butter in sandwiches, but love it melted on toast.
  • The only radio station I listen to is Radio Nova when I'm driving.
  • My favourite flowers for their scent are wallflowers.
  • I'm pretty good at playing Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario Brothers 3.
  • I'd never go into outer space, no matter how much you paid me. No thanks. No desire.
  • I would love to write jingles for ads!
  • I have a problem bringing back library books on time. I pay about 30e fees a year, or have joined again with a different version of my name.
  • I could gaze for hours at the pretty girl's jewellery in shops like Claire's and H&M... I'm still 5 years old inside in many ways.
  • I can't stand the smell of goats / goat's cheese, it makes me nauseous.
  • I love making things. Crafting, cooking, gardening... I prefer manual to mental work a lot of the time, especially since having children.
  • My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. 
  • I love the word "warrior". I hate the word "moist".
  • I could live on pizza. My Milano's (Pizza Express) order is the Fiorentina on a Romana base. With a pound of parmesan on top. And some chilli oil. 
  • I don't watch the news/read the headlines. I'm happy in my bubble and hear the important stuff if I need to, the rest is distracting depressing stuff that I've no mental energy for!
  • I could die happy in a Hello Kitty stationery store.
  • Though I have a smartphone, I'm happiest when it's out of battery / left at home. Again, distraction.
  • If I won the Lotto I wouldn't move house.
  • My favourite cocktail is a mojito, followed by a margherita.
  • I hate making plans too far in advance, love spontaneous outings/barbecues/parties!
  • I don't really like ice-cream, I mean I'll eat it if there's nothing else on offer, but it'll be a last resort. It's a hard life, isn't it?!
There you go, hope you enjoyed the list. What stuff do not many people know about you? Please tell us below!
Nee x


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