Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day out: Corkagh Park

Outfit of the week: Default casual outfit for leaving the house (above) - pretty unremarkable, but it does the job. I am now wary of how I breastfeed in public, having had some negative experiences recently. So I choose what I'm wearing based on where we're going, who's likely to be there, and how to get my tits out and not invite ignorant remarks. Sad but true. Apparently SoCoDu (South County Dublin) is breastfeeding central, and there are boobs galore wherever you look, but my local haunts are a bit behind in that department. So I cover up, wearing a breastfeeding top rather than feeding "over-top". I really hate the above paragraph, but it reflects what's going on, and I'm an honest blogger so I'll come clean. Anyway, back to the nice stuff:

Corkagh park is one of our favourite places this summer, for family barbecues, visits to the pet farm, explorations of the woods, the too-big playground (all pebbles underfoot, wear closed shoes or be forever shaking kid's Crocs out), and the vast expanses of grass perfect for kite-flying.

There is enough wilderness to keep the most nature-loving people happy: hedgerows, rabbits, squirrels and fish in the lakes.

Beautiful old trees, an arboretum with tree plantations from each continent, a rose garden and lovely hills perfect for rolling down. At the moment there's a funfair there, but we managed to escape that by telling Charlie it was in a faraway park that we had no access to. I'd say we've a year left to get away with these white lies that save us time and money, then he'll be wise to us.

The bike Noah was on that day was the above Mud Monster, 54.99e in Smyth's. It's his birthday present, and he adores it! We normally try to get big purchases like this second-hand, but after scouring and for the last few weeks, we decided to get this new. The poor sod has all Charlie's hand-me-down's so he deserves something new for himself, and we'd never know if a second-hand trike was roadworthy. There should be an NCT for consumer's peace of mind. Anyway, if you want a similar trike, you'll find them here. (Smyths kindly gave me a 20% discount in return for a mention here).

So Corkagh (between the N7 and N4) is our summer haunt, where's yours?
Nee x


  1. I love Corkagh park ! I did a post on it last year with a lot of pics. We seem to be doing all the things you mentioned apart from BBQ-ing. I've never done that there. Can you only do that in the front ? We went kite flying during the May break. We often take similar trikes with us but we must've left them in the front yard and they have disappeared sadly, so I will have to try to get others. I had them from St vincents and cheeverstown in Tallaght but I might get a new one this time as well and just encourage my other girl to ride on the bike we got for her a while back on the carboot sale.

    1. Hi Chan!
      thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment! We BBQ'd with a couple of big disposable ones in a field behind the fishing lakes, I wasn't organising the BBQ but I think you could get away with it anywhere if you are being responsible with it! Sorry to hear your trikes have disappeared, we are big fans of car booting too, but thought this time we'd get a new one. What's your blog, I'll take a look! x

  2. Hello mamaship,

    I just started reading your blog which was recommended by a friend...I'm shocked that you have received negative comments about feeding a baby. I just moved from Cork to a small town in West Waterford and have never got anything worse than surprised looks for feeding my daughter (now 11 months). Isn't it dreadful that we live in the kind of society where a small baby cant be feed without inviting comment. Sorry for the rant but literally no-one I know breastfeeds so nice to find a kindred spirit even if it is only virtual! Julia K.

    1. Hi Julia, thanks for taking the time to share your story. I'm delighted to hear you've had positive experiences in your areas, I hope by bf'ing in public I'm changing people's attitudes, even if only a little. Yeah... there is a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding about BF in Ireland, I hope we're seeing a change for the better. There's a great online Irish bf group you would love, if you're not on it already, email me at niamh (at) the mamas hip blog (dot) com and I'll put you in touch!
      Great to hear from you xx


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