Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dressing Table Love

One corner of the house that is just mine, and mine alone, is my dressing table. In a house full of action figures, batteries, teddies and Lego, this is a purely girly area.
It's a sanctuary, a shrine to pampering, "me-time" (how I hate that phrase) and beauty.
Five minutes here, even with a kid in the room near me restores my mental energy and keeps me sane.
I suppose I, like many women, equate grooming with self-love. I groom myself, to show I love myself, it fills my metaphorical cup, and then I can give love to others.
When I'm groomed I feel more in control of the messy, chaotic world around me, I can glance down at pink nails and feel polished and neat.
I'm open on this blog about my grooming and hygiene, and still only get to shower maybe 3 times a week, so I'm not saying I'm on top of things. But maybe 3-4 days out of 7 I do my make-up, hair, and pick out a necklace/bracelet to wear and it makes me feel good. I'll dress for the day ahead, knowing I can run into people and feel ok with how I look. (The other days I'll send a child to check who's at the door, and freak that I'm still in my pyjamas at 1pm.)

So this is my throwback to feminine glamour. I paint my nails here, I pick my spots here, I rub my face oils in here, I mix up new lip colours here, I do my hair here, I feel at peace here.
Sometimes there's a baby poking through the drawer as I do my make-up, he'll break a blusher (only my favourites, mind) and I'll thank the heavens I don't have a high-end make-up habit. He'll poke his fingers into lipsticks and smear them on his face, and I'll kiss it off, and that's ok.
Other times I get a whole half hour here, I'll do my make-up, film a video for my Youtube channel, then it's back to nappies and games for the rest of the day. But my cup is full.
I don't have the patience to sit and read in the daytime anymore. I can't concentrate. So grooming is my way of meditating, putting effort in that pays off over the next few days as I admire my neat brows, my lilac nails. It's my present to me, and I like it.

I filmed this video to show you my make-up storage, as I love watching similar videos on Youtube. Feel free not to watch, it's just a few boxes and containers, or watch and get inspired to maybe create a corner of your own. It's a far cry from my previous haunt (the bathroom mirror, a basket of make-up and a sink ready to dissolve anything that happened to fall in there), and I suddenly love this dressing table again for the first time in years.

(TK Maxx did not sponsor the video, despite being mentioned here a lot! Though they gifted me 10e towards the storage boxes. Kind souls.)

Where do you go to chill out?
Nee x


  1. I love your dresser and how organised it is! I really need a dresser. I have everything on shelves between the bedroom and bathroom! x

    1. Thanks Yaz! I love this space so much, really have to learn to tidy as I go, I'm usually in such a rush I fling everything back and then can't find it later. Keep an eye out in Oxfam home on Francis st, they usually have similar ones.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Very pretty....and extremely tidy! I am most jealous!

    1. Thanks Jazzygal!
      It hasn't been that tidy since the day I filmed it, but I'll sort it out tomorrow, as I always say! Thanks for reading! xx


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