Tuesday, 30 July 2013

July beauty haul

Hi lovelies!
To tell the truth this is only part of the stuff I've bought this month. My obsession with skincare continues and I'm flirting with eyelashes now too. I've a whole new skincare routine I'm loving and that hasn't broken me out in spots, so I'll share that soon. For anyone looking for skincare info for the more mature lady, check out Uppiesbeads59 on Youtube, she's fantastic, makes her own essential oil blends, and has fantastic skincare and makeup videos, she's really entertaining too.

So the above just fell into my hands in my local pharmacy, the face masks were 1.99 each, the hairband was pricey at 5.89, but I reckon it'll do me forever, and is washable of course. The eyelash dye was 8.99 and the lash extensions (last for up to 4 weeks) were 4.99. The BB cream was reduced in Superquinn to 4.49 I think, half-price.

We've started swimming in earnest chez nous and to look in the mirror at my naked face complete with washed-out eyes is less than thrilling.  So I'm gonna dye the bastards blue-black (cuz it was cheaper than the normal black dye, by a fiver!) And add some semi permanent lashes for volume and length. The dye I've done before, not in years though,  but the lash extensions are a new thing. I hope to be able to go mascara-free for a few weeks this summer, and if my skin looks great I might bare a bare face and just lipstick.

What, try them first in a salon, professionally applied, you say?!
Nope, I'll lash them on and hope for the best, see what I did there? First though I've to find my tweezers and watch a few tutorials on YouTube.

Here's the BB cream swatched on my hand, and blended out towards my knuckles, disappears totally, that a good thing? I'll do a more in-depth review after a few wears.
It has been brilliant to get such positive feedback about my collaborative videos with Sinead, they've gone down really well with my readers. We've a couple of ideas for the next few, but please leave any requests below, or on FB and we'll get around to them all hopefully. A reader Instagrammed a gorgeous photo of her half-up, half-down hairstyle inspired by our video, so thank you so much for that Mizflurry!

Gotta run now, laptop's in demand!
Nee x

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