Thursday, 4 July 2013

Review: Rimmel by Kate Moss Lipstick

Thank god for Instagram filters, they airbrush, enhance, tan, blend...
Hi mamas! (and one dada who may/may not read the beauty posts)
As you can see, I'm a leetle obsessed with coral lipsticks at the moment. It's irrelevant that I have about 4 to my name already, I had to get one more when I happened to see it today. There was no question. And in my defence I still don't own a MAC lipstick, so these little beauty hauls are of the minor kind. AND I heard from a reliable resource (Youtube) that this line of lipsticks are as good as MAC in terms of staying power, formulation, pigmentation etc.
Excuses over, here's the diddley* on this one:

Rimmel London's Lasting Finish by Kate in 110. (Kate Moss in case you live under a metaphorical metamorphic rock - sheesh!)

Sans Instagram magic filter, this will be the last day ever I decide to wear white pearly eyeshadow as a highlighter. Fine in the 90s, not fine on me nowadays. Hooded eyes a go-go. But ignore them, look at THE LIPSTICK!
This is a really bright pure coral, no shimmer/pearly highlights. It's a Gwen Stefani kick-ass colour. It looks almost neon coral in the tube. I think this works great on pale skin, but would be fab with olive/ darker skin tones too. Does it make my teeth look whiter? No. But it doesn't make them look yellower either. It has a slight satin finish, and wears off leaving the lips stained for a few hours, which I love. Who has the wherewithall to be re-applying anyway? Not I, says she. Though I do try to bring whatever lipstick I'm wearing out with me, but it doesn't always happen. What with the finding of the shoes, and the filling of the water bottles and the finding of the keys and the checking of the purse, and the "do we need a jacket" etc.

Lasting Finish means matte/satin finish - not glossy and moisturising, slightly drying, but therefore it doesn't bleed into the pathways that are forming at my lipline. So a good formulation for the more mature lady.

It has a watermelon scent which some may detest, but I like - kinda. Scent fades a bit when on the lips.
This was 6.95e in my local pharmacy, which I think is perfectly acceptable for a good lipstick. The whole Kate range has something for everyone. I'm not a fan of the packaging, I think Rimmel could up the stakes and insert a bit of shiny metal for us, but it could be worse.

*Diddley as in "diddley dorey" as in "what's the story". You knew that.
Nee x

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