Friday, 5 July 2013

Summer beauty series - Intro

Hi lovely ladies!
I'm on a beauty buzz this summer, as you may have already guessed! For the next few weeks I'm teaming up with hair and make-up artist Sinead McCrone to bring you a series of how-to videos. I have days where I go around in yesterdays smudged make-up with my hair in a bun, and I feel like a skank-bag. And on other days I have exactly 4 minutes to do my make-up, so I need a fail-safe routine that's quick and easy. A no-brainer.

So I was delighted to ask Sinead all my hair and beauty dilemmas today, such as: can I still wear shimmery eyeshadow despite having wrinkly eyelids, how do I wear my hair in an interesting style that isn't a ponytail / topknot, can I ever wear my fringe off my face and not feel like my forehead's a landing pad... etc. Sinead answered all my questions with practical tips that are quick and easy. She also happens to be my cousin, so we had a great girly day hanging out together and filming for my Youtube channel.

What I wanted to do was a series of videos of the kind I like to watch, full of money and time-saving ideas, with some make-up insider's tips to ensure you get great results. We are all time-starved and cash-poor but we want to look good, and I think Sinead really understood that and it translates well.

The aim of this series is not to make you go out and buy anything new, we just used what we had to hand. For example this "5 product face" uses products we all have rattling around: foundation, translucent powder, a brown pencil, black mascara and peach/coral lipstick (any dusky pink/bronze shades would work perfectly too). So today we made a few videos for you, the first should be up tomorrow on my Youtube channel, once I figure out how to edit it! If you've any ideas for the next videos we'd love to hear them!

Stay tuned, and stay cool in the heatwave we've been promised!
Nee x

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