Friday, 5 July 2013

The Five Product Face

You wake up and have a million things to do. You have to get up, get the kids ready, feed them, get out by x o'clock. When do you look in the mirror? When do you get yourself ready? If you're like me, it's in the car, doing makeup at the traffic lights, because anything is worth an extra few minutes in bed.

Well, not any more! (Cue kitschy 1950s talk show host voice)
Welcome to your "Five Product Face", the beauty secret that will change your morning routine forever! Forget rummaging for the right eyeshadow, or searching for an eyeliner, here are 5 products (and one brush) that will take the thought out of your morning make-up routine. You can play around blending eyeshadows on a Friday evening, but if you want to get up and out fast, looking "put-together" - look no further!

You will need:

A foundation.
A lipstick (coral / peach / dusky pink will go with everything)
A brown pencil (forget whether it's packaged for eyebrows / eyes / lips - they're mostly all the same)
A translucent powder
A black mascara (I'm fair, but brown mascara doesn't register on me, black will do day/night, build it up for night)
A blusher brush (failing that use the scabby flat sponge from the powder compact)
(If you have none of the above, you could easily pick them all up in Penney's for under 15e)

This will last you all day, done correctly.
Watch the video for how to do it, with plenty more tips and tricks thrown in, and a potty disaster at the end!

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See you soon!
Nee x

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