Monday, 19 August 2013


We've just finished our default lunch of noodles and peas with soy sauce and butter. It's a no-brainer, cook noodles and peas together for about 4 mins, drain out water, stir in butter and soy, done. Everyone's happy, and it's quicker than most other lunches.

Today they (the royal "they") wanted dessert, ice cream specifically,  but when I checked there was only about 3 tablespoons of ice cream left, which would have made a measly dessert. Enter the ice cream surprise!

I started with a layer of natural yoghurt,  topped with banana slices and cherry syrup (a syrup you can dilute to drink/ add to cocktails/Coke etc, less than 2e in Polish shops). Then I crumbled over a chocolate Digestive biscuit (half for each), added the measly ice cream,  more banana,  more yoghurt,  topped with syrup, sprinkles and icing flowers. Cue the gasps of amazement. Bam!

I ate custard. For probably the second time in my life. 

Last winter I bought a tin of Bird's custard powder.  Eh... I liked it for the first few spoonfuls. But then I remembered I was eating coloured, sweetened cornflour and milk, and the gloopy-glop turned me right off. But my pie was still nice, even after about 5 days in the fridge. 
Have you any failsafe lunches/desserts to share with us? I could do with some ideas please! 
Nee x

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