Saturday, 24 August 2013

Homeschooling haul and chatter

Today my shopaholism got an outing under the guise of "education", and I also realised we are not technically unschoolers.
We popped into town on our way home from a day out in Howth (ate gelati, chased seagulls, marvelled at 50% of the population in nautical stripes), to collect our laptop. RIP Macbook. It seems that glass of orange juice was the death of you. 
Last September we bought Charlie a Senior Infants maths book, don't get me started on some of the exercises, testing eyesight rather than intellect, and he did a few pages here and there in the last year. I took it out yesterday and he did the last page no bother, so we went back over the last few ideas and deemed the book finished. 
So I got him the next level, a first class one (roughly age 7) though he's just 5. A lot of the pages in the last book involved colouring and pretty much"filler", so I expect a home educated kid will zoom through a book, picking put concepts that appeal, and not waste time on the patronising stuff. 
His literacy is coming on great,  and I'm interested to see how he learns words, organically, reading signs, odd words in story books, and by writing what he wants to write. The literacy book includes a cd, so we may have some fun listening to it and doing the activities,  or it may not be his bag at all. What I love is that there's no pressure. 

This evening's project is to build a metal detector, using a calculator,  a radio and a broom handle. We've been digging for gold, so this was the obvious next step. 

Though the weather is cooling a bit more, I'm planning lots of excursions for us, hence the apple shaped lunchbox, and we got one in green too.

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen I'm doing Flylady. Well, without the emails, I'm picking and choosing what suits me,  and it's already made a huge difference to the house and my mindset. Those of you who don't know Flylady, it's a decluttering, housekeeping motivational website. 

In other news, we're watching Four Weddings and a Funeral, which is just about as perfect as any film can get. Any other fans out there? "Don't be ridiculous,  Charles died ten years ago" being my favourite line!

What are you up to this weekend?
Nee x


  1. Well quite. Would also love to know how to build metal detector pls? :):)

  2. Oh, Four Weddings and Funeral is such a quintessential movie of my age. We saw the actress who plays the girl Hugh Grant almost married in a Poirot mystery the other night and said "It's Duckface!" I suspect the poor woman will never live it down.

    I love your approach, and I wish I wanted to homeschool. Except that my son loves school, and will do what his teacher asks much more readily than anything I want him to do. My daughter may be a different kettle of fish, when she gets there.

  3. I too love the "idea" of homeschooling, but would be absolutely dreadful at it. So would have to find someone willing to home-school my children (any takers?)


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