Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Let them twiddle, mama

Let them twiddle,  mama
All that pinching, pulling, rolling, rocking
All the skin grabs, the nipple cripples, hair pulls and slaps
All the nursing-related pushing and pulling
The standing on your lap, arm, stomach
The fringe grabbing, skin wrinkling, make up mussing
Every last touch,  whether you know it or not,
Is your baby telling you you matter
That you are loved
That you exist when all else fades away
That you are the centre of their world.
Don't push them away, divert them to an object
If you can grit your teeth and breathe,
Those slaps will turn to strokes, those pinches to pats
That mouth won't bite, it'll say "I yuh you, mama"
And your heart will melt
You'll fall deeper in love
And it'll all have been worth it.


  1. That is so lovely,the nxt time my wee man is doing his best to tune in radio station via my nipple i shall remember you words & power thro .thank you x

    1. Thanks Caroline! Laughing at the radio station analogy, never heard that before, would you believe! X

  2. ah you're right! It must all serve some purpose. What do you say to the escaping BFer though -the one who wants to feed as far away from mama as possible! Stretchy boobs needed!!! We're still allowed to be driven nuts though right?

    1. We're absolutely allowed to be driven nuts, Aideen, I'm demented at least once per feed! Yes, stretchy nipples are where it's at! Doesn't it make you long for the simplicity of feeding a newborn?!

  3. This made me cry because my bf journey is only recently over. In a good way though because it really summed up what it's all about. Beautiful. xxx

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  5. I thought this was going to be tips to make them stop! Thanks for making me smile though ;)


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