Thursday, 26 September 2013

Claire's haul!

Recently I picked up all the above for 10e in Claire's Liffey Valley! I don't wear jewellery much, but I do love stacked bracelets:

So I was thrilled with me bargains! I really like Claire's, some of their makeup is good, and  it's like a mini Disneyland in there for me with all the sparkly stuff. The only dud in the haul was:

To be fair I haven't even tried these yet, but I just can't see me perching a lump of plastic on my head. I thought they'd be soft rubber,  but they're hard scratchy plastic,  and you still need to backcomb your hair. I'd thought they would give volume without having to backcomb and hence damage your hair, but I was wrong. Anyone tried them? 

And now my youngest is past the reefing earrings stage I can wear them again! I'm normally reactive to costume jewellery earrings so can never buy cheap and cheerful ones, but these are fine! Reduced from 12e to 1!

That's my news for now, hope you're having a fun week!
Nee x

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