Thursday, 12 September 2013


I may have a leetle obsession with lip products. The other day I got this storage thingy and had fun finding space for everything. This will sit on my dressing table and make me smile every morning as I pick what colour to wear. I'll no longer rummage through a drawer and get frustrated. 

Thanks to Flylady (google her, she'll change your life! ) I'm no longer as intimidated by the piles of shi... clutter around my house. I'm tackling one at a time, and it feels great! Case in point: 

My kitchen dresser, before, during and after:

Ok, I've only done the bottom shelf so far, but that alone took two days. It was a dumping ground for anything and everything, now it's somewhere the kids can help themselves to a snack. I've since added a jar of sweets too, which have remained untouched, and I changed all the knobs from rustic wood to hand painted ceramic ones. (Bargain of the week in TK Maxx)

I also decluttered the inside of the dresser:

Now we've got all our art supplies/crafts/home ed stuff at our fingertips,  and I have to say there's been a huge leap in creativity here, my own included. The start of the school year prompted me to get organised, and I really enjoyed it I have to say. Not least because I got a Hello Kitty lunchbox for myself. To match my pencil case...

Anyway, for those of you who got this far and weren't bored to tears, have you any tips for me to keep it all like this throughout the year? Cuz I'm worried a few lax weeks could see a return to dresser chaos!

Nee x


  1. Well done: it really looks great! I love your china! To keep it clutter-free maybe tidying it every couple of days? That's the challenge, isn't it?

    1. Thanks Lynn!
      I love the china too, so much that it never gets used, just sits gathering dust! I'd love a glass fronted cabinet ideally. Yes, I've been keeping the bottom shelf clear, Charlie's enjoying having a place in the kitchen to call his own!

  2. Looks nice! I'm also doing Flylady, it really works:)

    1. Thanks Fleur! I'm keeping the essence of Fly lady, and have made some new habits, but I got a bit scared off by the never ending busyness needed, my kids didn't see me for the 3 days i did it! I'd love to hear how it's working for you x


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