Thursday, 19 September 2013

Get ready with me!

I love watching "Get ready with me" videos on YouTube, so thought I'd do a mini version of it here. Here's what I did this morning to get ready for a rainy grey day pottering around at home. My husband was off work so I got to do the full whack of makeup.
Woke up to a cup of tea in bed, a rare treat.

I don't sleep in fleece pyjamas, bought them for "lounging". Omg tthey are the cosiest things ever! I wear them morning and evening around the house,  must get a second pair so I can actually wash them... About 8e in Penney's. I bought size 14-16 to have them roomy enough for a baba to snuggle in under.

Eek! Just looked in the mirror and remembered I slept
 in yesterday's makeup... happening a Lot these days, and I've the skin to show for it.

Vitamin E oil massaged all over my face and washed off with a hot face cloth got it all off, followed by rose water on a cotton pad to remove any last traces of oil. Then I applied rosehip oil and let it sink in while I brushed my teeth with neem oil toothpaste.

I picked out these blue jeggings as they work well for inside and outside the house, as in comfy enough to be on the floor playing, but look decent to leave the house in. Batwing black tshirt and a couple of bracelets from a recent Claire's spree. 

Then I applied the above products to prepare my face for El Slap.

El Slap in action: highlight, blush and contour. ..

And these two green eyeshadows with black kohl at the lash lines. 

Then mascara, eyebrow pencil and gel, lip liner and gloss and earrings.
The finished face:

Then hair - today I fancied matching my hairclips to my eyeshadow, as you do when you have time to spend primping. Then hair, a bit of backcombing and braiding...

And that's it, way more steps than usual, but fun, and my family always appeciate the results. If you are a YouTube watcher, make sure you check out Samantha Schuerman, an American nursing mom (her baby is 1 year old) with a fab beauty channel. She's my current inspiration.

Nee x

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