Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lovin' Lloyd's

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a press evening in Lloyd's pharmacy in Donnybrook. Once Unicare, then Doc Morris, now LLloyd's,  I've loved shopping there for beauty and vitamins (y'all know I'm not into the pharmaceutical drugs!)

It was a great evening, they showed us around the new layout,  I got my eyebrows done by the wonderful Ken Boylan (above - dying to try his new makeup range) and had my skin tested by the machine below: 

Check my results on the screen, pretty crap, eh?!

My favourite part of the night (besides the cupcakes and canapes dahling) was chatting to the wonderful sales assistants about the skincare ranges, I got loads of my questions answered about serums/primers/spf, and left with some samples of Clarins and Decleor to try, two brands I'm totally new to. I will report back to you about how I'm getting on.

All in all it was a lovely couple of hours, I got to dress up and speak to adults. Nobody needed their bum wiped (as far as I could tell) and people fed me for once, rather than the other way round! 

My weekend was as exciting in not such a good way, involving a "Speed"-like couple of minutes as our car went out of control on the motorway. All unharmed but a bit shook up by it.

Hope your weekend was more straightforward!

Nee x

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