Monday, 9 September 2013

NYX haul and review

NYX is an American drugstore brand, available in Ireland in the odd TKMaxx or online. Who was I to argue with free shipping for orders over 15e a couple of weeks ago (usually 10e shipping to Ireland)! All in all this 20e has given me more pleasure than 3 issues of Vogue ever could. I loved the shopping for it,  browsing the site for bargains and colours that appealed to me. I haven't bought makeup online in ages, but reasoned that lip colours can always be blended with others if they didn't suit. And my excitement when the postman arrived that morning was like a mini-Christmas!

All this for 20e! And I really like the packaging, it looks more than a budget beauty brand. Now to the products themselves:

This lip palette is called Champagne Sparkle. The name sold it to me to be honest!  It's a selection of glosses with a brush and mirror,  which are unheard of extras in a budget range. The brush isn't great, a bit flimsy and floppy, but I may trim it and see if that improves it a bit. I swatched the colours on my arm. But the photo's upside down! There are two pigmented shades and three shimmers. Not great staying power but who cares for 4e!

The coral lip pencil is lovely, seen above on my granny hand, I swear my hands are ageing 20 years faster than my face. Its a pearly almost neon coral, gives a strikingly bright effect, which I dumb down with gloss. Good with a smoky grey eye, but as we're coming into colder weather I think this will remain unused until next summer. Like, 2e!!

I'm not happy with the silver eye liner . It's hard to work with,  very little shimmer, it comes off as a pale grey rather than silver. Imagine lining your eyes with a normal pencil... Not good on my colouring, so I'll give this to the next friend who calls round!

The lipgloss pictured at the top is in Creme Brulee and smells sickeningly sweet, which I love but more refined ladies may hate! Years ago when I had money and no kids I bought tubes and tubes of a Benefit lipgloss (Her Glossiness) in the shade "Life on the A List", but it was discontinued. Boo hiss. I've searched in vain for a replacement,  a nude gloss with a hint of sparkle which plumps and smoothes lips, and here it is! It was the priciest of the lot at over 5e, but well worth it. And gloss is making a comeback,  after seasons of matte lip looks. (Cuz we all hang on the industry's trends to dictate the finish of our makeup...)

I'm saving the best for last. ..
The two "round lipsticks" as they're called are amazing!  Priced at 2e-something each they are creamy, smooth, comfortable, non-greasy.

This is a smug smile because I've found my perfect nude lipstick,  it's Iconic, pictured on the right of the first photo above. I love it so much I was going to write a blog post solely about it, but it's taken me a week to finish this one, so I figured I'd include it here or it may never get writ. I still would love to expound about it,  so if you want to read me gushing about a 2e lipstick let me know below! The second lipstick, Frosted Beige, looks perfect in the tube, but comes out all shimmer, rendering me like the Tin Man. So I'm using it as a cheek colour with lovely effects. Swipe, blend and go!

So for the price of one high-end lipstick (actually, less than many high-end ones) I got all this loot, hours of fun, and some great little bargains. Some day I should just buy that fancy lipstick,  but till then I'll continue seeing just how many bargains I can add to my collection.

I've rarely bought makeup sight unseen like this, and always prefer to test it out in person, but lip products can be blended with others you may have, or repurposed as a cheek colour,  so they are an easy gamble to make. Plus, for 2-3e each, you can't really go wrong.

What's your bargain brand of the moment?
Nee x

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