Sunday, 15 September 2013

Outfit of the week

Wow! It's been ages since I posted an ootw!
I was recently invited to preview Awears A/W13 range, which I bravely did with my 2 year old in tow. I made a flying visit, saw some beautiful flat loafers and found this dress* in some great prints for the darker days. This is the Frankie dress, and it caught my eye as being breastfeeding friendly. I wore it all day today and can confirm it is! It's a proper crossover style, so can be pulled aside to breastfeed easily. The dress fits my pear shape like a dream, skimming over my hips and bum yet defining my waist. 
I'm not usually a ruffles type, but I made an exception, and I dressed it down with opaque tights and Docs, but I'd love to wear this with bare legs and black heels.
I'd throw on a biker jacket or cardi depending on the weather, and fully intend to wear this til it falls apart. I've given up keeping stuff for "good" ie "fancy" occasions cuz those are few and far between.
Frankie dress: Awear 50e. You can find the dress here - comes in lots of colours and prints.
Navy opaque tights: Dunnes 6e
Oxblood Doc Martens: Schuh 140e (eek! Bought last winter but figure they'll do me a decade at least!)
Rose gold watch: Argos (gift, under 20e)

What will you be wearing this Autumn? 
Nee x

*Item was provided for review


  1. That's a fabulous dress and you look great in it too! I'm 1 year in and I am back to a resonable size so none of the BF specific clothes suit anymore! I'll be having a look at these dresses for sure. I loved dresses pre and during pregnancy and I hate having to wear ganky clothes just because they are boobie accessible! I mostly look like a fat gym instructor these days! :-) At least baby is happy though!

    1. Thanks Anon, and good on you for keeping up the breastfeeding, it isn't eaay in Ireland these days.
      I'm preparing a series on what I wear when breastfeeding, mainly lots of lycra, I know all about the gym instructor look! Hopefully I'll have more tips for you soon!

  2. You look beautiful! Must have a look in a-wear. I desperately need some new bf friendly clothes x

    1. Thanks a million! Awear have some gorgeous pieces this season, check em out! Thanks for taking the time to comment x


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