Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Outfit of the week

As the weather has for the most part cooled slightly (central heating time again!) I thought I'd share my go-to outfit for colder days. I have been wearing a version of this outfit for about 6 years, through pregnancies,  teaching dance, everything - it's just so comfortable! 
It's just: leggings, tube skirt and long sleeved tshirt, easy, quick, washable.
I throw on my black pleather (aka faux/plastic leather) bomber jacket. Change the Converse for biker boots and it looks a bit more dressed up but still uber-comfy. 

This top is another Boob Design nursing top* (the B-warmer nursing top, see it on their website here ), and I am delighted/ashamed/astonished to say I wore it five days running last week. I normally get two days maximum out of any item of clothing,  what with sticky fingers / runny noses / general stinks, and that's just me! But this one managed to not absorb odours of the armpit kind, hide smaller stains due to the grey marl, and I just babywiped off a shoulderful of snot one day and I was good to go. I washed it and it washed really well, my other one gets worn and washed at least once a week and is still in perfect condition 9 months on. Previously reviewed here. I really think these are worth the money.

This top has the nursing opening, which is brilliant for breastfeeding quickly and comfortably. I wore it with jeggings the other days, both pink ones and wine ones, and mostly with my Doc's. It's made of recycled plastic (the fleece inner lining which goes from neck to boob) and organic cotton. I love the colours. It makes me feel like I'm in Fame. And if you don't know what I'm referring to, jeez that makes me feel old.
Aul' Leroy, rocking the grey sweatpants... image c/o
Nursing top*: Boob Design, 65e, buy it online here
Red tube skirt: Forever 21 last winter's sale, about 6e
Black wet-look leggings: H&M two years ago, about 15e, find similar here
Converse: Office, about 50e, get them here

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Take care,
Nee x

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