Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Streamlined makeup

In my general decluttering, which is beginning to feel like a lifelong project, I spent an enjoyable hour or two streamlining my make up.
I have hoarded eyeshadows and blushes for years, some old quads had but one or two colours left, many single colours were never getting used, I basically couldn't even see what I had.
So I copied what many other beauty bloggers have done, I de-potted the metal pans of pressed powder eyeshadows and blushes, and put them all in one larger palette.

You can buy metallic palettes especially for this purpose, or make them. I went the cheapest route and just glued the pans in. And I just used DVD boxes. The Witches and Enchanted will be scratched to f*ck, but dammit I'll have a neater makeup collection.
My eyeshadows are shown above, and my blushes below:

To remove the pans from the plastic packaging you basically remove any stickers, and heat the back of the plastic to loosen the glue holding the metal pan in place, prise it off with a pin or teeny weeny screwdriver. I was impatient and reefed a few, bending the metal and cracking the powder, but that's how I roll.

I included a few eyeshadows in the blush palette for highlighting and contouring. This is my new obsession. A powder is a powder, ladies, don't get hung up on the label telling you where to apply it, make them work hard for you I say. 

So I then got happy with Hello Kitty stickers on the palettes. For some reason I can't upload the photo, maybe my phone is scarleh for me.

I kept one or two newer/ nicer shadows/ blushes I
in their original packaging in case I want to travel light sometime (!)

Whaddaya think?

Nee x


  1. What an ingenious idea Niamh! Love it. Thanks for sharing

    1. Isn't it brill! Wish I could claim credit for it! Thanks for reading x


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