Sunday, 1 September 2013

Today we...

Ate lots of bread
Caught wee in all manner of receptacles
Walked to the park
Ate icecream on a wall
Invented scooter ballet
Invented a toddler jacket from a mama cardi
Got a bus
Said we were so happy we could burst
Climbed a tree
Got disappointed
Washed lots of clothes
Weed in shoes
Talked over a wall
Wondered about teens
Ate spinach
Spat out sweets
Had a pizza party
Used tv as a babysitter
Shone my sink
Cursed the clutter
Felt moved to tears
Heard Ocean Colour Scene over the phone
Had a moment
Trussed a boy with cushions and ribbon
Pondered the word "weird"
Felt validated
Caught a poo
Scrubbed a sofa
Felt accepted
Made a dessert tray
Mixed wine and vodka
Missed a man
Made a den
Threw a fit
Played with a tap
Loved fiercely

Nee x

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