Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A week in the life

I thought I'd record what we're getting up to in general for myself to look back on, and for anyone looking for fun ideas for kids.
We're an unschooling family of four living in the suburbs,  our sons are 5 and 2 and this week my husband was free, so we were delighted to have him around to join in the fun!

Tuesday I brought toddler shopping while others got on with learning Minecraft. Also found our first Geocache, and took the photos you'll see in this post.

Wednesday we met up with a group of home educators in a park and education centre. The kids got to see taxidermied animals and fish in tanks. The adults all chatted and compared home ed stories. Lovely and sunny, visited family for a while then went and flew a kite in a park. We then shopped for craft materials and had tea in a fast food joint.

Thursday we met up with a home educated kid and his mom and hung out in a skate park. It was sunny and warm and we chatted and got to know these new friends. Visited the playground too. Then we collected our niece from school and brought her back to play in our house for the afternoon. Kids played piano, danced, painted, trampolined, ate popcorn and watched Ella Enchanted. A neighbour called in too and they played Lego and a million other things. I began a painting.

Friday a delivery of books and puppets to review arrived so there was great excitement. Arts and crafts continued. Went to local tennis court and playground for a couple of hours. Chatted with two sets of neighbours. Home for more fun, neighbourhood kids called in and did artworks, trampolined and played with water. Watched Home Alone 2.

Saturday we visited family, went to a park for a chilly playtime, home for video games and fun with the local gang on the street. Mr. Bean and Simpsons in the evening then bed with the first hot water bottle of the season.

Sunday we rested, ate well, shopped and cooked for the coming week, had some more arts and crafts fun, played with wooden blocks for hours and watched tv. Very late bedtime. Mama missed Downton.

Monday mama spent a lot of time doing blog business, we watched lots of Netflix, walked to the shops, played more wooden blocks games, read some old favourite books and played cars. I feel a bit run down and looking back at the previous week i can see it was pretty hectic!

It's mind-boggling the twists and turns the day can take, and how one activity can spawn a few day's worth of fun along the same theme. We're doing woodwork and paper craft, lots of imaginary play and more sitting being read to than ever before. I'm happy for tv / video games to be on first thing in the morning,  it gives me a chance to make breakfast and prep dinner, but then screens are off and it's go-go-go until after dinner. We're finding a nice rhythm to our days and one huge compliment I got today from my eldest is that the house is really nice these days. I feel I've decluttered almost enough to have a place for everything,  so the house is tidier than ever. I might do a separate blog post on the tips I've picked up that have made a difference.

How was your week?
Nee x

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