Saturday, 26 October 2013

Baby days

When my eldest was about two we evolved the idea of "baby days".
You know those times when your kid is cranky and tearful and just needs to snuggle on your lap for hours,  breastfeeding and watching cartoons out of the corner of his eye?
Where any attempt to get him dressed, or eating real food or leave the house has him in a complete meltdown?
Where you sit under him re absorbing your wee cuz you daren't attempt a toilet trip, even if he were to stay on your lap throughout. Where the most vocalisations you'll hear are a kitten's mew or a puppy's whimper, as he plays at being a baby animal.
We call them baby days.
Sometimes all it takes is a morning/afternoon of minding this "baby" until they spring up, rejuvenated and declare they want to go to the park, or to bounce on the trampoline.  These days happen less and less now with my 5 year old, but my 2 year old has begun to need his baby days. I think it's definitely a stage between about 2 and 5 years where they are realising there is a big world out there and they are feeling vulnerable.

I've always indulged these baby days, I'll say, you need extra cuddles today, you must be having a baby day, and I'll get a wide-eyed nod from my cuddling child.
I gather up the blankets on the sofa, get the remote and a drink for myself and settle in for the next few hours.
I'll cancel my plans, and give this older baby all the attention he needs. It can be a growth spurt, a need for quiet after some busy days, or the onset of an illness.
Of course in recent years there's usually another baby on my lap already, so sometimes we'll take to bed for an hour or two.  We might read, nap or watch a film. There will always be breastfeeding.
It helps immensely that we have no pre-scheduled classes or appointments. Our days are free to fill as we will, and that suits us perfectly. It's not for everyone but it works for us for now.

How do you deal with baby days?

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