Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cake Lingerie

Let me paint you a picture, of lace and ribbons, embroidery and diamante, bows and corsetry. My underwear drawer pre-babies looked like Bettie Page meets Little Bo Peep. I wore corsets, chicken fillets, stockings and suspenders, I had started collecting vintage and reproduction stockings and suspender belts. I wore these day and evening, under normal clothes as well as under sexy ensembles. They made me feel amazing. I shopped for them in Penney's, La Senza, sex shops and M&S. There was even an Agent Provocateur set which I kept in its box, and wore on special occasions. Total fantasy underwear, or lingerie I should say. 
Fast forward two years, I had a one-year old, I was wearing white cotton nursing bras from a high street store. I washed and wore the bras so many times that they were greying and stained beyond repair. I dyed some black. I hated those bras, they desexualised me, brought me right back to the cotton training bra I wore at age 12. I really missed my sexy underwear, but thought those days were out of reach while breastfeeding. And they were, until I had the pleasure of discovering Cake Lingerie while reviewing Cupcakes Lingerie last January, see that post here.

So I was thrilled when Cake Lingerie asked me to review two of their new season styles for Autumn / Winter 2013. You can see the beautiful packaging above, and I had two little helpers aiding me open it!
The first of the sets is called Ginger Macaroon* ( see the Bra here 54.90e, Briefs here 19.90)

 These are a beautiful burnt-orange satin with black lace and diamante detail. I especially love the way the black ribbons hide the nursing clip on the shoulder straps, you don't always want to be reminded you're wearing a nursing bra! The briefs have a slim strap at the hip and are a hipster style. They'd go well under a bump in pregnancy. This is comfortable, sexy and washed well in a pillowcase at 30'C. 

The next set is called Dark Chocolate* ( see the Bra here, Briefs here, prices as before) It  is a black base with coffee-coloured embroidery:

Again, the detail is stunning, the bra straps are the same black embroidered ribbon as on the front of the briefs. The briefs are a low bikini cut, again would be suitable for maternity wear. 

The bras are underwired with flexiwire, which is safe for nursing mothers as long as you're wearing the right size. Cake Lingerie's website ( www.cakelingerie.com )  has a sizing guide, or you could get measured in a stockist. I spoke in my January review of how I'd been wearing a 36A all my adult life, when in fact I'm a 32E! These nursing bras are cut in a retro style: slightly wider shoulder straps and under the arms, which means comfort and more flesh-sucking (aka you look thinner). Neither of these bras has padded cups, which is good, because folding down a padded cup can be tricky when your baby is screaming to be fed! The bras also have 6 sets of hooks at the back, to grow/shrink with you as your weight fluctuates during the pre-and post-natal periods. These are made to last, and unlike many clothes you buy online, look even better in real life than on screen. 

I can now proudly say I've culled my underwear drawer, there is no more greying cotton. Everything in there makes me feel desirable and sexy, like the "old me" again. Anyone considering longer-term breastfeeding (I'm at it 5 and a quarter years continuous) should definitely invest in some nursing lingerie that makes you feel sexy. It's the little things like that that make a difference to you each morning getting dressed, and give you a little lift everytime you breastfeed. I definitely went through a long time of feeling like nothing more than a dairy cow, and I really think if I'd had sexy underwear like this it would have helped me a great deal. They'd be an ideal gift too, and unsurprisingly my husband is a huge fan ;)

This is not a sponsored post, the items were provided for review but I did not receive any payment, and all opinions are my own.


  1. Those are beautiful, especially the black one! Nice to see underwired nursing bras - when I was last looking in Ireland I couldn't find any. I think I only ever had one sexy(ish) nursing bra - from HotMilk - but it was lovely to have it. My nursing bras have all been discarded, at last, even though I'm still not quite finished, but it's always post-pyjama-time these days.

  2. At last!! My nursing bra are just abysmal, I am heading over there now to check them out, x

  3. I'm in desperate need of some pretty bras and knickers. Would you believe that I have been wearing the same knickers I've had since I was 15?!! I decided that after I gave birth, I'd bleed all over those old crappy knickers, throw them out - and treat myself to something new that feels good. Well, I threw them out, only... I still have yet to treat myself. So now I'm just a desperate knicker-less woman :-/ Need to be measured for a proper fitting bra pronto!


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