Monday, 14 October 2013

Creative mamas

Hi hipsters!
One area of me that has lain pretty much dormant in recent years is my creativity. Sure, I write, make up songs with the kids,  get creative in the kitchen etc, but I really need to be making things.
So I saw a gorgeous painting of Dumbledore on a blog, and wanted it for myself,  and decided to paint it myself. The canvas cost 5.99, and we already had the acrylics and brushes. It isn't finished yet, but I just loved the very act of painting it.
I'm such a perfectionist I rarely draw or paint as they rarely turn out how I want,  but I'm pretty happy with this, and I don't really care!
I am going to keep my eye out for a gaudy old gold frame for it, and hang him in the hall.
Next will be paper craft,  I adore making cards, origami and little trinkets, I'll show you my stuff as I do it.

Recently I was sent some teething jewellery to review, made by a creative Dublin mama, it's silicone so kids can bite down on it, and not be wrecking your good stuff!

I think it would make lovely gifts for new mamas, and there's a great range of colours and styles. Her website is here

How does your creativity shine? 
Nee x


  1. holy shit. i was not expecting you to say that you painted that! so awesome, i adore the style and want one for myself! cool portraits in that style, you should do one of each of you in that style (and then some for me ;) )

    1. Thanks a million Erin! I totally copied it off someone else, but will gladly take the compliments! I wanna do all the HP characters. How are you balancing your creativity with motherhood?x

  2. Hurray for creative mamas!! Hurray for painting again! Do join me for the blogging carnival of creative mamas in November - to celebrate the launch of my book for creative mamas - The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood. Would SO love to have you - and lots of your readers join me! There are over 70 mamas around the world signed up over the 4 weeks!

    1. Thanks a mill Lucy, I'd love to join your carnival, I've had it flagged in my head, but every time I sit down to blog I end up doing my "business" stuff and not getting around to the fun stuff! Count me in and I'll get on to signing up this week x


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