Friday, 4 October 2013

Easy Autumn Makeup

With these few products I thee transform...

What does a girl do on a crappy gloomy day when you're not going to leave the house? Why, play with make-up of course! I did the above look in about 5 minutes, using only the products photographed above. 
Make up for me used to centre on the eyes and lips, and the skin/cheeks were only an afterthought, but I've recently become OBSESSED!! (yes, that strong of an emotion that necessitated capitals) with skin, particularly achieving a luminous quality. It's all to do with faking a youthful glow, ya see!

The Nivea BB cream is really brilliant. Coming from a lifetime of full-coverage foundations (I used to laugh in the face of tinted moisturiser - think it was me acne that had me reaching for the cement) to use a BB cream is a real revelation. I only bought a couple this summer for the first time, and this one is my favourite. It actually does what it says on the tube. It gives light coverage, smoothes, luminises, has an spf... and it was cheap as chips in a supermarket!

I did a wee Essence haul, ssh! I needed these products, I swear! And the blush sticks are lovely. They're not going to last all day, but for a quick swipe of colour these blend nicely, and the pink one doubles as a lipstick. The brown doubles as a bronzer or contour. I'll be doing an in-depth review of the Ken Boylan products soon, but suffice to say these have been out on the dressing table every day, and I'm loving them! The mascara is one I bought purely for the colour of the tube, but I really like it. Two coats and you're spidery and voluminous!

So how did I apply the makeup? If you want to know read on: (If you don't please call again soon!)
Applied BB cream all over face including eyelids using fingers. Also applied it to neck as have realised it is ageing fast and needs SPF protection too. BB cream blends perfectly and doesn't crease into neck folds. A good thing.

Applied brown blush stick as contour to hollows of cheeks and a little down sides of nose / end of nose / under chin. Blended well.

Applied pink blush stick to apples of cheeks and lips. Blended.

Applied cream hilite (After Glo*) to cheekbones and blended.

Applied eyeshadow (Aghadoe* a gorgeous khaki shimmer) all over lid with finger and blended with brush upwards into socket line. Took it under the lower lashes with brush.

Applied two coats of mascara, one after the other while the first was still wet (no time to hang around!). Finito. Oh, I lied, I also added a little pale pink lip gloss (not pictured, it was NYX Creme Brulee previously featured here)

That's it, a lovely interesting daytime look for Autumn, which for once didn't have anything to do with my outfit colour-scheme. The lady's living a little!

Hope you enjoyed!
Nee x


  1. That BB cream looks fabulous on you. Stunning! you're a gorgoeus advertisement for it. Me? Not so much :( Scoured Tesco's for it last weekend and am a tad disappointed to say the least. A bit too dark for me and left a tidemark. I'm sticking with my Garnier one for the moment. I'll try it again though. Maybe it's a summer cream for me. Oh! I've also ordered that stippling brush you recommended a month or so back. The one from Boots. It's by Samanthat Chapman of Pixiewoo fame. Not only did I order the brush, I also ordered TWO starter brush kits on amazon. €63 worth of make-up brushes when I've been using my peter pointer for the last 7 years!!!!

    1. Woah! 63e on brushes! I'm dead jealous!!! I thought 13e on my one was a splurge!
      They'll do you for life though hopefully. Let us know if they're all good and what ones you bought cuz they might have to be added to my xmas wishlist!


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