Friday, 25 October 2013

I'm so Fly!

A couple of months ago someone mentioned to me and I checked it out. It's a website designed with lazy perfectionists in mind, we who would rather live in a mess than begin to put order on a seemingly endless chore. It's actually surprisingly good, and not Martha-Stewart-like in any way, phew!

Some house keeping tips I picked up from Flylady that are now part of my days:
Keep my sink clean - means you're on top of the dishes.
Stick with the task in hand. Actually finish it before starting another.
Get dressed and made up and shoes on first thing in the morning. Means trips out to the bin / washing line / shops happen quicker and easier.
Storage baskets and boxes wherever possible. No money spent on storage is ever wasted I think.
Declutter ruthlessly. No sentimentality here, broken stuff gets binned, useless crap goes to charity.
Swish and swipe bathrooms as you go, means no big cleaning needed.
Put away the laundry!

Some of my own tips I'm adopting that make a difference:
Hall and landing clear of clutter always.
Shoes and coats go under the stairs (in a heap, but hey, baby steps)
Cheap babywipes in every room for cleaning as I go. I don't own rubber gloves / Cif / etc. It all gets done with baby wipes.
Cook extra and freeze/refrigerate the excess, means I'm only cooking every second day.
Baskets for kids books to contain them in every room.
Never leave a room without bringing something with you (Flylady tip)
Flasks get emptied and washed asap (I tended to leave them mouldering in the car)
Split kitchen into two zones and clean one at a time.
Light candles and turn on fairy lights when weather's dull outside.

I still can't plan meals, nor outfits the night before. That's too controlled and I like to eat and dress according to my mood and the weather. But it's been maybe 6-8 weeks since I discovered Flylady and I have to say I have a new outlook towards housework. I only got to day 3 of the 31 recommended days, I never signed up for the emails, but I read most of the website and took what suited me. I'd really recommend it for anyone feeling overwhelmed by their housework. As a stay at home mom you have a constant mess being created, so you have to realise what to leave and what to clean, without disrupting the creative processes that are making the messes! Now don't get me wrong, I still haven't touched the hoover/iron, but my house is now not embarrassing if someone calls over unannounced.

If anyone else is morto at the state of their gaff give a shot. And then ask me round to tea!

Nee x

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  1. I like the tips! I never leave a room without carrying something to another room - I don't understand how my husband can walk around the house empty-handed....


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