Friday, 25 October 2013

Ireland, Ireland...

Rant alert, so feel free to back out now before I get started.
This week has been fab, full of growth spurts, autumn leaves, disney songs, jazz piano...
And tonight I've come back to earth with a bang.

I suppose he was doing me a favour,  my husband, by telling me about the Maria girl in Greece and the subsequent TWO Irish fuck-ups by police. I mean, I vote in every referendum/election, so it's only right I hear what my state is getting up to between times, but HOLY SHIT!!!

I am disgusted, saddened, angered to think that I live in a country where police have the right to storm a house and forcibly remove a child from her parents on a whim. I haven't even looked into the second case, that of the two year old boy, because I think I would probably murder someone myself.

I am so freaked out about this. It makes me wonder, what if someone thought my breastfeeding my child past infancy / cosleeping was akin to child abuse? No, that's not such a huge leap, we've already seen how some people's minds work, would a simple phone call to the authorities have my child taken into custody?

Or am I safe cuz I'm white? College educated? Phew then, that's me off the hook.

When you think of the criminals who are under surveillance so that the authorities can BUILD UP A CASE OF EVIDENCE to arrest them, and then hear what went on this week the mind boggles.

If they thought the parents had actually abducted the child, why not take a FUCKING PARENT???!!! Why take a FUCKING CHILD???!!! Can you imagine that poor child crying herself to sleep in a care home surrounded by god knows who (and we've all heard horror stories about the care homes) for days and nights?

I missed it at the time, but can anyone tell me was she allowed see her family during that time? Why was she unlawfully detained without evidence? Does anyone actually give a flying fuck? Because though I wasn't watching the news I was still on Facebook everyday and all I could see on my newsfeed was mums in arms over cuts to maternity benefit.

I'm just stunned and horrified, and I want some lawyer out there to take the case up for the family and get them a huge compensation for the trauma caused. Though that won't help the innocent girl at all, but it'll be a start.

I blogged before here about my Roma neighbours who are wonderful, loving people,  and they suffered racist attacks in Tallaght. I can only imagine what this Roma family has had to endure daily with people's ignorant attitudes and casual racism, and now this?!

Before my head explodes and I get back in my Disney bubble, let me ask you something. If you ever start a sentence with "Now I'm not racist, but..." please stop yourself right there, and don't let your kids be aware of your prejudices. We all have them, they are inbred in us as a race, but we don't need to voice them or act on them. Let's let that particular Irish trait die out properly.

Seriously, wtf?!

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  1. I was askng very nice relatives what they thought about the case after it had been proved these children belonged by dna to their families... They started off by saying they hadn't been following it too well, but weren't romas taking children! I was so saddened...


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