Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mini kitchen makeover

I thought I would share a couple of little additions I've made in the last week to our kitchen.
Total cost 3e. Yep!
The chalkboard came as a roll, much like greaseproof paper, and cost 2e from the Euro shop (I still call it the Pound shop, anyone else?)
It is pre-glued, so you just peel off the backing as you roll it down the wall.
Ours has had great use already, I keep a jar of mixed chalks on the ground beside it, and wipe it clean whenever it's full.

Apologies for the night-time photo above, it was the only time I could catch it clean!
My make-over in this area is the heart-patterned wallpaper, which is just a roll of giftwrap bought for this purpose in Ikea. It cost 1e, I bought it 18 months ago and only did it last night, about average timing for finishing a project.

I love it! I just stuck it up with loops of sticky tape, and cut out a rectangle for  the plug socket. I'm fully expecting it to fall down any time, and would love an actual pink glass splashback, but til then this will do.

If anyone knows how to remove that awful sticker from the microwave door please let me know.
Anyone else nesting this season?
Nee x


  1. Love love love the chalkboard roll - keep threatening to buy chalkboard paint but a bit afraid of it! This would be ideal - and so much easier and cheaper! Must find it!

    1. I know Lucy, I didn't want to commit to the chalkboard wall, partly due to the fact that it would darken the room too, this is deadly tho! Thanks for reading!

  2. nail varnish remover is good at getting rid of sticky residue like that!

  3. Ah great Clio thanks! I'd tried olive oil, and hot soapy water to no avail, will get the chemicals out now thanks! X


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