Thursday, 3 October 2013

New hair!

A dusty mirror doth wonderful filter make...
I've been thinking about a change of hairstyle for about, ooh, a week now. My longer hair was just hanging there, flat and lifeless. It was a hassle having to think about it every day. About twice a week I'd style it, the rest of the time I put it in a ponytail / wore a beanie (praising Allah for the colder weather so beanies are an option again). 
So about five days ago I cut it using the ponytail method. Google/YouTube have loads of tutorials (i.e. can't be arsed to link!). I got a great result a few months ago with this method but this time somehow I ended up with a shelf of hair that should have been layers. Cue much tying up of hair and denial. I much prefer a blunt cut anyway, somehow layers always make my hair look a bit ratty. 

So last night, lights off, all asleep except mama googling images like this of the beautiful Alexa Chung:

Image c/o

And this image of the rockin' Debbie Harry:

Out of bed I leapt, grabbed the large kitchen scissors and got straight to it! Of course I chickened out and didn't go anything like that short, but they were the kick I needed to chop some off. I kinda remind myself of this chick instead:
Image c/o:
For anyone wanting to replicate this cavalier haircut all you need is a kitchen scissors, a brush (comb would be better), and 2am bleariness. I neither straightened nor wet it first, and it still turned out ok. It feels fresh and modern, and took way less time to wash and dry this morning. I watched the following Youtube video first, the link is here.

Now don't come crying to me if yours turns out crap, I want no responsibility ok?! But it's a great way to save a few quid! Let me know if you tried it or if you have any other haircutting tips! 
(In other news my toddler took the skin off the bridge of my nose in a "game"...)
Nee x


  1. Hi Niamh, Love the hair. I cut my own for 2 years when the kiddies were little and It was difficult to arrange childcare ( for 2 or more; twas always easy bring 1 along ). And esp had to cut It myself when i caught nits and couldnt face the hairdresser....

  2. Love that. Cut my own hair too when i caught nits off the kids ....


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