Wednesday, 2 October 2013



I've only had maybe four proper periods since my last baby was born. I'm ovulating on the full moon, or soon after, and bleeding almost on the new moon. The last two periods were preceded by probably the worst pms I've ever had. Not in terms of cramps, in fact cramps were almost non existant. I mean dark, snappy moods which I don't associate with me at all. After the last one I truly felt like I'd been taken over by some malevolent force. So I want to document how this one goes, to see what my triggers are.

Day 1: low energy, happy mood though. Glad to see rain. Felt like hibernating all winter. Got very little sunlight/ exercise. Grey weather. Ate well, drank wine in evening but felt mood sink once it wore off. Bloating in stomach beginning. Nipples tender since yesterday. Breastfeeding is uncomfortable. Drank two cups of tea and had lots of sugar and salt. One spot on face. Took vitamin b complex. No coffee, just tea.

Day 2: Slept heavy with vivid dreams. Ok mood, bit snappy. Energy ok in daytime as I was doing some fun stuff (window shopping! ) Had a glass of wine with healthy lunch and didn't get the usual nice chilled buzz, instead just felt a bit out of sync with myself for the next couple of hours and regretted the wine. Didn't help that I had a cranky toddler in the rain in town. Crashed on the sofa for the evening.  Breastfeeding v difficult and kids were v hard to settle to sleep. Apparently there wasn't much milk. Craved chocolate and sweets though I got a mild headache after all the sugar. Took an evening primrose oil capsule in the evening. Took vitamin bcomplex. Just tea, no coffee. No bloating.

Day 3: Slept heavy with vivid dreams. Blood arrived this morning. Really surprised as I'd thought it was a couple of days away and that pms would have got worse. Spent day in outdoors, got great bit of sun and had fun. No cramps at all. Bloating minimal. Ate very wholesome food. Breastfeeding still uncomfortable.

It's the end of day 3, I'm taking the liberty of stuffing my face with Toblerone in the manner of Alan Partridge, and I will gladly suffer the consequences. I definitely feel a change in my body chemistry at my "time of the month", and am glad I managed it better this month. I will definitely do this every month now.

Dunno if this will help anyone out there but I thought I'd share!
Nee x

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