Monday, 21 October 2013

Spooky nails

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I painted my nails this week for the first time in about two months. Nails are definitely the last on my grooming list, so you know if you ever meet me with my nails done I'm 100% groomed everywhere else. They're the icing on my groom cake. Ha!
Well in an attempt to save time (but not money) a few weeks ago I went into my local pharmacy and picked up this packet of stick-on false nails by Broadway.
Oh Broadway!
In my pre-child days I was never without a packet or two of these babies for my nights out, and days in, and all my Jordan-pink-princess-boom-time fantasies came true whenever I superglued ovals of plastic onto my nails. Some had little white decorations, others had glitter or rhinestones, I loved them so much, it's quite sweet to think what nonsense filled my days back in 2005...
So I was trying to re-create that feeling of super-polished glam-ness...

For the guts of a tenner you get a good enough amount of plastic and bits and bobs, though I suspect 3 quid goes on the packaging. You get a prep pad, loaded with some alcohol to dehydrate your natural nail and make the false ones adhere better. A very useless little emery board (pink oval above), 24 plastic nails of differing sizes, and enough plastic packaging to make the least eco-friendly person think twice.

The nails themselves are beautiful. I'm hoping they're machine-painted, not in some sweatshop in Asia, but you never know. The webs look hand-painted. What's different about these nails, and better I think is that they come pre-glued, so you just whip off the clear plastic backing and press the nail onto your own.

I loved the look of them, glossy, gorgeous designs, a bit of glitter. Much as I'd love to sit and paint this kind of nail art myself, realistically it's not gonna happen until at least one child weans, so I liked being able to buy it. 
Uno problemo though, I am so unused to wearing long nails I found these excruciating to wear. I mean so uncomfortable that as soon as they were on, and admired for a few minutes, I began to feel claustrophobic in them. Forget about changing a nappy, stroking a child, picking your nose, none of this is possible. And worse than the handicap of their length, I found my nail beds actually felt like they were bruising when the nails were coming into contact with things. I wore them for almost 24 hours then ripped them off. I will never wear them again. If they were as short as my own nails they might be more practical, but I'm not a long-nail girl. Maybe you'd love them, maybe I'm a wuss.

The Mama's Hip, I waste my money so you don't have to.

Would you give these a try?
Nee x

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