Thursday, 17 October 2013

Two years blogging!

A dignified bin. Not relevant but interesting.

The end of September marked my two year blogging anniversary. No fanfare, no giveaway I'm afraid, but just thought I'd mention it here.
I've been thinking a lot about it the last few weeks and blogging is definitely like having another person or relationship in your life. It takes work, time, mental energy, it can drive you mad, make your day, and there are definitely times you wish you'd never met. But the good far, far outweigh the bad, like all healthy relationships, and it's for that reason I keep going.

I love writing to you, my readers. I've met some of you in real life, known some of you for years, only briefly saluted some others, and many more I've never met or may never meet. But what I love is that whenever I sit down to write, no matter what the subject matter,  I have someone in mind:
 I know Heather loves the nutrition posts, Catherine loves the fashion, Gwen and Yaz love the makeup, Gillian loves the playing, Grace loves the writing, Aine loves the days out, Lisa loves the breastfeeding posts,  Erin loves the art, Jane loves the attachment parenting,  Monica loves the home schooling, Helena will be reading about my crops, etc etc. Sorry I can't name you all.

And I know this because you tell me. You take time to comment, you like or comment on my links on Facebook or Twitter. You text me and tell me how you loved that post,  or you phone to check if I'm ok when I'm burnt out. So I have you all in mind when I'm writing, I know you've got my back. And that feels so good.

On my shittiest days, I can upload a photo of my morning cuppa (note to self, do that!) and somebody somewhere will hit a "like" button, I'll get a little thrill and moment of connection and validation. Even if I'm not going to leave the house all day I'll have had some contact with the outside world.

I started the blog and hadn't a clue where it was gonna go, who it would lead me to, or how my life would benefit from it, and it has surpassed all my dreams.
I want to thank you all for joining me on the ride, for connecting with me, because isn't that what life is all about.

In terms of cold hard cash, I'm still waiting for someone to start paying me, actually no, I've declined loads of offers recently because they would mean giving up my integrity as a writer. I choose my blog partners carefully, and thank you for supporting all the content I publish, not once have I had a negative comment about the content of this blog, and I want to keep it that way!

My readership has grown, and I'm constantly humbled by people reading my blog, some who I wouldn't imagine would be interested in what I have to say (cuz they're young and hip, and not parents - yiz know who yiz are!) But they read it anyway which is amazing.

And for all the hundreds of ye who've never commented but I see your country in my stats, I thank you for your silent support. And I hope you are all well on your journey through life.

Armchair philosophy begins:
Life is a journey. We are all walking our own path. The end of our path is the same (death/heaven, whatever). We will all get there in the end. It matters not the clothes you wear nor the lactational qualities of your nipples, what matters is that we smile and nod acceptance to those on the paths nearest us.

Dalai Lama.
(Ok, me)

Nee x


  1. Is it really two years? Already? Wow! Yes! Love the make-up and the fashion!!!! Also love your "today we........." posts. Keep 'em coming! It IS hard. I agree with everything you said in that first paragraph.

    1. Thanks a million Gwen! And though I'm too impatient to comment I read yours regularly xx

  2. Congratulations Niamh! Your blog is just perfect! I clicked on to it immediately having seen you on 'that' RTE programme and I now have it bookmarked on my phone and just sooo look forward to reading your posts! I hope that you make some token gesture of celebration - you deserve it.

    1. Wow, thanks a million Colette! Very honoured to hear that!! Thanks for all the support xx

  3. Whoop! well said! Hey i think I saw myself there...:)

    1. Thanks Heather, you are my nutrition inspiration! ! Start a blog yourself, I'd love to hear more of your goings-on! X


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