Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Unschooling days

So what have we been up to since the school year didn't begin for us?
We have seen our kitchen wall fill with artworks
We created number and letter monsters
We built a boat out of wire and duct tape
We are working on new Mario and Sonic games
We discovered that cartilage is different to bone through playing with a toy skull
We travelled to Belfast and spent the day in w5
We read road signs almost perfectly now
We played with a circuit board and learned about switches fuses and motors
We made a model for stop motion animation
We made ninja weapons from cardboard
We composed songs and poems and jokes
We discovered Enid Blyton
We had a growth spurt
We watched a lot of Sponge Bob
We played a bit with a kiddie computer
We played a lot with games on the ipod
We made salad dressing
We cut fresh herbs for dinner
We ate apples from a tree that we helped plant 3 years ago burying our placenta underneath
We made ramps and racetracks for toy cars
We played marbles
We discovered the game "elastics"
We climbed our first tree
We built many forts
We discovered Downton Abbey
We proclaimed a love of history
We learned about chinese writing
We hung clothes on the line
We got annoyed at misleading advertising,  wrote a complaint email, and got a reply
We picked lots of blackberries
We fed ducks
We discovered we love tennis
We had picnics
We had a midweek sleepover at a friend's
We are inventing our own rules for chess
We can replace batteries in things alone, using screwdrivers
We discovered we need alone time just to think
One day reading just clicked, and we're very excited about it now.
We discovered comics are fun to read, not just for the toys
I could write all day, you get the picture!

Nee x


  1. Is great isn't it? A really great age where everything is exciting and interesting. We have a five year old girl, and she is consumed with writing everyone's letters, reading words and making, making, making. It's brilliant, well done!

  2. Wow! You guys have been busy!! Some amazing and inspiring ideas there - I will be bookmarking this post for the future even though I don't plan to homeschool.
    Just wondering how you fit your toddler into this schedule? (not schedule, that's the wrong word but you know what I mean!!) How do you mind a 2 yr old while doing all this cool stuff.
    And also, does he spend time with kids his age? I don't actually think it is all that important tbh but I think some company would be beneficial to help with social skills in the future or if for some reason a child had to go into mainstream education maybe.

    1. Hi Ali,
      Glad to hear you enjoyed the post, not a comprehensive list by any means! In terms of toddler activities, everything we do is geared towards the older boy, and the toddler will be given a similar activity/join in as the occasion allows. In terms of socialisation, many of these activities I listed were done in the company of other kids. I don't think he needs to be able to get on with just kids of his own age, he actually prefers older kids as they are more interesting to him! He hangs around with kids of 7-8 years old, and had a few occasions interacting with kids up to 12 years.
      Thanks for reading!


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