Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween reflections

We had the Best Halloween Ever this year!
It started on the Bank Holiday Monday with a cousin's birthday party, all the kids and adults dressed up, cupcake decorating, party games and prizes, delicious food and a chocolate spider cake:

A truly fab afternoon! I dressed up as Morticia Adams. I have a million wigs (well, maybe 20) in the attic, and was loathe to buy another,  so I think I looked more like Morticia's sister maybe. It was so fun doing the makeup!

Then we threw a party on Halloween itself, and invited some mamas and babies around.  We had six kids and two babies, who all decorated number biscuits, played around,  posed for photos and generally had a ball for the afternoon. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse, and loved not having wig itch!

We had a lot of fun the day before Halloween getting ready for the party. We baked the biscuits, shopped for the toppings and decorated the house a bit more.

Then once it got dark we trick-or-treated, meeting up with neighbours and their kids, everyone in amazing costumes. The kids filled their bags and got spooked,  saw some great fireworks, met Santa, used torches, and got cold and rained on.

After that it was into a Halloween party in a neighbours house full of excited boys for treasure hunts, bobbing for sweets and coins (one kid cleaned up, getting 11e!), spooky pass the parcel with dares, more food and drink including a haunted gingerbread house, lots of laughter and chatting and a little tipple for the parents.

Finally back home for a photo with the evening's haul, fast becoming a tradition here, bounced off the sugar rush on the sofa, and bed!

What a fab week! We are so lucky to know and be surrounded by wonderful people who love to celebrate with us. The community spirit is alive and well in Dublin, and we and our kids are making great friends.

This gave me a laugh on Facebook,  so true:

I know Halloween isn't everyones bag, and our downside was that our house got egged, but it was a small price to pay.

How did you celebrate chez vous?
Nee x

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